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About Kori Reed

Kori has spent years inspiring conversations that fuel connection and ignite change. 

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For well over two decades, she worked at large, complex Fortune 500 companies including Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Quaker Oats, PepsiCo, and Conagra Brands, progressing to Vice President. Her expertise areas encompass Communication, Public Affairs, Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact.

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Hi, I'm Kori.

Seeing things from a different perspective and engaging in conversations for better alignment and impact has always been my jam. 


Shark icon

I told my parents the shark from the Jaws movie would have been nicer had they kept feeding it.


I said so

I had weekly debates with my dad at the kitchen table over the meaning of the phrase "because I said so."

Young Adult

I fostered my natural curiosity with a degree in journalism and then a Master's in Communication Studies.


I honed these skills in Fortune 500 companies, helping teams and non-profits get clarity and align for impact.


I continue to write, speak and consult, to ignite momentum gaining conversations for change.

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Gender Equity Manifesto

Men and women are different by design, and when working together, a dynamic duo for change.

Whether athletics or aesthetics, technical expertise or creative expression, problem solver or people optimizer, our strengths are not gender specific, nor is our leadership!

Progress is inevitable when we stop disparaging and start celebrating the unique genius we possess as individuals. We move from rigid gender expectations to vivid conversations that create meaningful change, inclusive of all.


Believe in success over bias, outcomes over activities, and win-win over win-lose. 

The world's challenges are too big to let gender-limiting beliefs get in the way of innovating for limitless possibilities to better ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Men and women are both stakeholders in gender equity.

Men and women are heroes separately and superheroes together.

Gender Equity in the Workplace infographic
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